Opening Thoughts

So, these manifestos go over everything I stand for with regards to the internet, internet history, safety accessibility etc.. I'm writing this as a Black, multiply disabled, lgbt, anti-capitalist/communist. My identities as a person existing on multiple margins influences my experiences on the internet and my thoughts about it. I will mention these things quite often. If you can't relate to my experiences, that's okay as none of us will be able to fully conceptualize each others' experiences and feelings. Though despite this fact, I hope you are able to at least respect and consider experiences and feelings I have on these matters. I have a ton of thoughts about the internet--past, present, and future--so this will be long and obviously text heavy. Everything linked is readable, and everything in plain text is being worked on. These are living documents--I will be adding things and editing things as time goes on, but in the mean time thank you for reading, and I hope we can make the internet a better place together.

  • The Internet as a Non-Physical Place
  • Paywalls, Subscriptions, and the Gatekeeping of Information
  • Branding, Influencers, and "The Real": How You Become the Product
  • The Commodification of Identity and Justice-Based Movements for Financial and Social Clout
  • Advertisements, the Algorithm, and Data Mining
  • Crypto and NFTs: The Dudebro's Pyramid Scheme/Multi-Level Marketing Scheme