9 April 2023

The past month was honestly wild as hell. The first week of March was great! But the 11th of March was... Bad. My Aunt (my mom's sister in law whom I'm living with) and I went to her mom's trailer to grab some things. Her mom passed away on December 20th so she had been working on getting her mom's affairs in order at the same time as helping me with my mom's affairs. Thankfully, at the beginning of March we had finished pretty much everything regarding my mom so we switched gears and I started helping her with her mom's stuff. Her mom's brother, her Uncle Brian, lived with her mom for years and years, so after her mom died, he owned the trailer. So anyway, we went back to the trailer to grab some things and when we rolled up, all the lights were off and the mail hadn't been picked up. We thought maybe he got out of dodge and abandoned the trailer. When we opened the door, the chain lock was was on. I started getting a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and my cousin popped the chain lock. The smell in the trailer was pungent. I went in first, and noticed the bathroom light was on and I tentatively walked towards it. Well, unfortunately, Brian was dead on the floor. I promptly freaked the fuck out at this and called 911 my aunt started also freaking out and so did my cousin. It was a very scary and just awful event. It shook me to my core, genuinely. I had a panic attack and almost passed out. After the dust settled, my aunt and I were besides ourselves just fucking flabbergasted at what the fuck was going on this year. Between my mom dying, her mom having passed and now, finding Brian. Thankfully, since then we've been handling this situation with the help of her other uncle and his wife and we're moving past that god awful day.

Aside from that though, March was good. I got accepted into another Med Tech school and chose it as my school of choice. I start the Phlebotomy program on April 25th. I also took driving lessons in March! Driving isn's as scary as I anticipated hehe and I have my driving test on May 4th, so wish me luck! I'm also 2 months on T right now so I'm feeling pretty good. I also did the Gender ASSET with my therapist (basically a questionaire that determines the readiness of a patient to get gender affirming surgery) and it went really well! My therapist said that she'd be done with my letter for top surgery in about a week and a half! Very excited for all of this.

Another big thing I'm working on, is getting my first apartment. I'm so so so thrilled to finally have my own space for the first time ever! I'm making a lot of big moves right now and I'm so proud of myself.