27 December 2022

The last month has taken so much out of me mentally, emotionally and physically. I just really cannot believe how absolutely fucked this holiday season was. Between the mistreatment from both my coworkers AND upper management and having a death in the family, this month has been way too much for me to handle. Shit started getting out of hand in November but it really peaked in December. It started when I had to work 7 doubles at the beginning of December (12-14 hour shifts), and then escalated when during the 2nd week of December, I was threatened by one of my coworkers before he quit. And now last week, with the passing of one of my family members. I'm actually typing this up before the funeral. I just hope the new year treats my family and I kinder because what the fuck was that shit.

I'm also thinking of trying to get out of retail and finishing my degree. Retail is literally destroying my life and i am not built for this industry. Working in retail for almost 7 years has legitamately cause me an incomprehensable amount of suffering and i literally cannot do it anymore.