30 September 2022

So, this past week has been very eventful. I'm going back to work next week and I got a promotion. So I will be working full time with a raise, in another state (commuting). This is the first time I've ever had a full time job with the job position that I have currently. It's also the first time I've ever worked out of state. I'm very nervous but excited about this opportunity, a good thing about this though, is that I'll be working with my old manager again! He's so awesome and supportive and I hope to learn a lot from him.

Something else that happened this week is, one of my oldest best friends is moving 630 miles away. She's like my big sister, we grew up together and while we did drift apart for quite some time, we always made time to see each other at some point. She's gone through so much over the 15 years that I've known her and it seems like especially in the last 5 years things have been very difficult. She went through homelessness, an abusive relationship, multiple job losses and just so much shit. The difficulties she's faced has turned her into something short of a husk of her old self, and because of this she's decided to up and leave. While I support her wholeheartedly and am so so proud of her, I'm also sad she's leaving. It makes me think about how friendships that start in childhood transform so drasticly if they're maintained into adulthood and how different friendships formed in adulthood are from these childhood connections. On one hand, I feel good about having mature relationships with people I've met in adulthood but on the other, I yearn for the simplicity of friendships that we cultivate. I think her going to live somewhere so far away makes me so sad because it truly marks the end of a chapter in my life. I can't just walk over to her house anymore and have dinner. She can't run over and braid my hair. We can't have impromptu sleep overs. Something we used to do as kids when we had sleep overs at her house is, we would fall asleep to Martin on DVD and we would always wake up to the DVD selection screen and it would always make us laugh, so it became an inside joke between us. That was tangential but I was just reminded of it. I'm going to miss her so much, it's unreal. I'm also just worried anout her and her mental state, but she told me that she's going back to therapy and living with family so I'm glad she'll have a support system so close to home for her. I'm proud of her for making this monumental decision and I believe in her ability to not only get better and heal, but thrive as well.