Music Videos

Here's where I'll share my favorite music videos with you! They're in no particular order. Sometimes I'll have something to say about the videos so, I'll put my thoughts under the music video itself.

If there are sensitive or triggering themes in a music video, I will put a warning in the text before it! I'll try to get as much as I can but no promisies so please tread carefully if you feel there might be something that makes you uncomfortable!

Hounds of Love by Kate Bush

It's Okay To Cry by SOPHIE

uncensored woman boobies + nipples

SO, I first started getting into SOPHIE's music when I was 18ish. I was woking my first retail job and just starting my social transition. I found her music so incredibly fascinating as hyperpop and industrial pop weren't genres I had explored heavily before. I found her through PC Music listening to Danny L. Harle and the like. This song is off her first and only studio album 'Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides'. For me this song is so so so healing as it came out during a really turbulent period in my life. I don't have a lot to say about this song, not for my lack of trying, but because there are legitamately no words to describe how poerful and impactful SOPHIE's music was to me and so many other trans people out there. This music video is truly a celebration of her as a trans woman and the freedom she felt coming out. It's a gentle reminder that every single part of you is beautiful even the ones that you may not like.

When she died in 2021, this song took on a different meaning to me. SOPHIE will always be a trailblazer and icon and she lives on through her music and the impact she's made on music in general.

Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin

scary/disturbing imagery, flashing, loud noises

I dont even care I love this song so much it's just so [waves my hands around wildly]. I love Aphex Twin for his more ambient and cheerful tunes but goddamn Come To Daddy just makes me go crazyyyyy and the music video is weirdly cathardic to me idk idk.

Man to Man by Dorian Electra

This song is soooooo gender so so so gender it was on my spotify wrapped for 2020 because all April this song was all I listened to honest to god it's so good hashtag gay people forever.