7 March 2023

I've had a good couple of weeks! I saw some friends, had a sleepover, and went back to therapy! I've had little luck with job hunting, but I'll get to that soon. I'm also going back to school.

SO! My therapist, Kim is very very cool. She specializes in gender therapy and trauma so she will also help me get top surgery. In fact, I believe I'm getting my gender asset and letter in two weeks!!! I'm really excited to step into this next chapter of my transition :+)!

I've also made some decisions around school and my career and I decided to go to school to become a phlebotomist. I actually have an interview with the admissions counselor at a medical school near my house. After I become a phlebotomist, I'm going to pursue an associates degree in Health Sciences and then, when I'm settled, I'll go back to school and finish my Earth Science degree. I'm really excited to start school for this and begin a career in science. My aunt is a phlebotomist and lab tech and she said she'd help me with everything when I get into school. I'm nervous and excited but I believe in my abilities to succeed in this field!

The only thing that's bringing me down about everything is, I'm making so many good decisions regarding my health and future but I can't tell my mom. I wanna call her so bad and tell her all this good news and it hurts knowing I can't. I do take solace in the fact that I know she would be so proud and happy for me and she would support me through everything. I just miss her tons. But I know I'll be okay cause she built me that way. I'm gonna keep going because I know that's what she would've wanted. So I'm going to enter my Tboy Phlebotomist Era with enthusiasm and an unshakable amount of swag.