24 November 2022

Soooo I am currently in Denver! I'm visiting a friend and I'll be here until Saturday! Denver is really pretty and Colorado's mountains are absolutely stunning!!! Here are some pictures I took from the plane window! They don't do the landscape justice AT ALL, but it was so beautiful nonetheless!

Here's a couple other pictures!

I'm having a lot of fun here, I went to the Denver Art Museum and saw Strange World in theaters! I've never been to Colorado so this is a great first time

While I've been here having fun here though, things at work has been... less than optimal. One of my keyholders quit on the spot a couple days ago, and my co-manager called me last night and told me that the register was under by $100 dollars. The fact that things are going so wild while I've been gone, is really stressful. Just getting call after call about things goin on while I'm like 1,800 miles away is freaking me out! I hope that by the time I come back things don't suck.