14 October 2022

Last week I went on a work trip to Virginia (which is a bit of a ways from my state, and very different from my state) for manager training. It was so so so stressful and honestly I couldn't wait to get home. Traveling for work is really difficult for me because of how much it upends my usual schedule and routine. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to travel and I wish I had an opportunity to do it more (preferrably with someone who also loves to travel), but doing it for work purposes stresses me out so much. I have to think about what food I want to eat, how I'm going to get to work, if I'm staying longer than a day, I have to figure out like sleeping and nightly routine stuff, it's just so anxiety inducing. The trips I take for work are generally last minute so it's not like I get to plan them out extensively. I'm just glad I'm home and have been able to prep for the holiday season at regular work. Next week and the week after, I'll be working almost every day to open our store's two new locations. I'm really nervous to meet my staff and I hope that I'll be able to be a competent, communicative and empathetic manager!